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Thank you for visiting our site.  Whether you're golfing at the country club or the local mini-golf, the Python Putt Retriever was created to make your golf outing more enjoyable.  The original idea came during a mini-golf game while on our family vacation.  After several holes, we realized how tiring it is to repeatedly bend over to pick up the ball.  For my elderly mother, the resulting back pain made it nearly impossible to continue playing alongside her grandchildren. 

The Python Putt Retriever is a unique solution to an issue as old as golf itself.  It eliminates the need to repeatedly bend over during a game of golf.  For some, it also enables them to play the game when they physically would not be able to do so otherwise.


Unlike other products, the Python Putt Retriever does all this without being bulky, expensive, or causing damage to your putter.  We know your new Python will be your favorite golf accessory.


-The Python Team

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