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There are pick up devices and then there's Python Putt Retriever. The old claws and suction cups are expensive, bulky, and require screws that damage your club.  They also damage the green hole due to the pressure required to press down over the ball.  

Python Putt Retriever solves all of this!   

- Lower Profile  - No screws or club damage   - More Versatile

Scroll down for more details.  (Spoiler alert...Number 5 is one of the best parts!)

Python Changes the Game

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Durable, Lightweight, and Low Profile

Python is made from the same durable material in food and medical packaging, and it's recyclable. 

At .019 oz., it weighs a fraction of other pick up devices on the market.

The Python sleeve is less than 1mm thick, so it won't interfere with your grip. 

The lightest and most slim ball retriever on the market !


Attaches and Detaches in Seconds

Guaranteed to fit any club handle!  Junior, Standard, Midsize, Oversize, Jumbo...Any size!

Slide the Python over the end of your putter and pull the cinch strap tight.  You're ready to go! No screws or club damage and No more bending over!



Simple to Use

After sinking that 15 footer, invert your putter, center Python's "mouth" over the ball, and gently press down.  The weight of the putter alone is enough to capture the ball.  No hole damage and No bending over!

Python grabs and stores the ball, allowing you a free hand to record the score, replace the pin, or give high-fives.  Press "Play" to see Python in action.


On to the next tee!

To remove the ball, gently squeeze Python to extract the ball into your hand.  You're ready for the next hole!



More Versatile

Python is detachable, which is great when you're using someone else's club, like at a mini-golf course!  Simply remove it and take it with you! Other devices can't do that!

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