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Installation and Tips

Installing Python:

  1. Loosen the strap so the buckle can slide freely.

  2. Slide the strap end of the tubular mesh sheath over the handle of your putter.  It may be necessary to slightly expand the sheath by inserting a finger from the opposite (non-strapped) end of the sheath.  The club handle should be inserted into the sheath about one inch (about the width of the strap).  Avoid over-expanding the sheath during this step.  See Caring for Python section below.

  3. With one hand, press the plastic button (rivet) against the club handle to hold it stationary.  With the other hand, pull the end of the strap through the buckle (if it isn’t already) and then back on itself to cinch the Python firmly around the club handle.  Important: Ensure the strap is tight to prevent the Python from moving out of place.  A loose strap is the most common cause for issues. 

  4. That's it!  Your Python is ready to use!      

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 4.24.24 PM.png

Oversized Club Grips

Python works on any grip size.  For grips with butt diameters up to 1-1/4 inches, the standard strap is used.  For grip butt diameters over 1-1/4 inches (typically called Oversized, Jumbo, etc.), your Python package includes a hook-and-loop strap extender to accommodate the larger grip diameter.  Attach one end of the extender by pressing its loop (fuzzy) side to the end of the Python strap.  The two straps should overlap at least 1 inch.  Complete the installation by following steps 1-3 above.  The extender can be cut with scissors to remove any excess length that is not needed.  Note:  Never cut the original strap that comes installed on your Python.      

Using Python:

Simply invert your club, center the Python's "mouth" over the ball and slowly press down.  No more bending over to pick up the ball!  Due to its flexibility, the Python mouth is designed to close slightly when not in use.  As a result, it’s good to practice a few times to get the feel for centering Python’s mouth over the ball.   

Caring for Python:

  1. Python can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

  2. Avoid dragging or snagging the mesh material on abrasive surfaces.  Doing so can weaken the sheath material.

  3. Never expand the sheath beyond the diameter of a golf ball.  Doing so can stress the welds within the sheath and cause it to fray.

  4. If Python does not stay in place on the club handle, repeat steps 1-3 above, making sure the strap is tight.

  5. If your Python expands outward at its middle when picking up the ball, this is a sign that the club handle is not inserted far enough.  Ensure the club handle is inserted into the Python sheath about one inch (about the width of the strap).

  6. When storing your putter in your bag, we recommend inserting it headfirst, so the handle and Python are facing up.  This will reduce wear and tear on your Python and extend its use.  If your putter must be inserted handle first, we recommend inserting a golf ball into the Python prior to placing it in the bag.  This will raise the club off the bottom of the bag and reduce wear and tear on your Python.

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